Do you want to impact social & emotional learning and increase children’s mental health in the schools?



wpid-dirt_cornucopia_2015_final.jpgDIRT GROUP is…

  • A children’s mental health application
  • A trauma informed practice 
  • Focused on social and emotional learning
  • Grounded and informed by 4 major theories
  • Based in the context of a gardening/farming/food project
  • Participant outcomes include:
    • tangible results (fruits/vegetables, increased social competencies)
    • preparation for life
    • pride & ownership
    • the opportunity to make a difference/make contributions to their communities
    • social inclusion
      (Turck, 2012)

Implications for practice include:

  • early childhood education
  • alternative educational/special educational programs
  • residential treatment centers
  • chemical health treatment centers
  • alternative sentencing programs
  • juvenile and adult corrections
  • community-based programs
  • mainstream educational settings
  • more

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or contact Crow River Family Services, LLC at (320) 587-7342 or at


“Rain rain go away…”

Well folks this year we have caught up on rainfall/moisture in our area. So much so that it has proven to be a worthy adversary in preventing weeds from leaving the gardens. Stepping into ankle deep mud is not conducive to successfully harvesting or good growth. I know I shouldn’t be complaintive about the moisture but the reality is many of our efforts will prove fruitless…at least as far as an abundant vegetable harvest. 

My dad always identified the “silver lining” in frustrating situations and there have been and will continue to be teachable moments (and then some) through real hands on learning to deal with frustrations, problem solve, and to be inspired with better plans for next year. Delaying gratification becomes a regular condition in these circumstances and provides learning opportunities which may not have existed if the weather had cooperated like last year. 

I hope this finds you hopeful and excited for harvest season and look forward to fewer weeds and more produce next year!!!! Hooganaga (all good things) to all y’all !!!!


2015-04-11 15.05.56For those of you attempting to navigate to the DIRT GROUP WORLD, Inc. website (,  WELCOME to our blog! We are in the process of creating a brand new website with amazing content and features. You will be able to access all things DIRT GROUP from this new website at including (but not limited to) information about DIRT GROUP, the children’s mental health application, DIRT GROUP TV which will provide webcasts, online trainings for CEU’s, as well as just informational webcasts/videos; 4bubbasfoods & What the Cluck Food Truck-a social entrepreneurial youth development and community based job skills training program focused on building capacity in youth and facilitating opportunities for them to participate in their communities, learn about food security, advocacy, outreach, and leadership; Hooganaga Family Farms, Little Farmer’s Pre-School, and so much more!!!!  Thanks for stopping by and watch for updates and our new website by March 10th!!!  Come find us at this year’s annual MSSA Conference at the Minneapolis Hiltton March 16-18th. Kenny will be presenting Friday afternoon and will be available during the conference to consult and answer questions about DIRT GROUP WORLD!!!

  • May is Mental Health Month Event on MAY 11th. EARN 5 FREE CEU’s–More information coming!


"Growing to Learn…Learning to Grow"