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Training Update!!

Linda Gensheimer, MSW, LICSW, PhD and Cynthia Packer, MSW, LICSW will be doing a webcast workshop sponsored by the University of Minnesota’s Children, Youth, and Family Consortium “Lessons from the Field” Series:
Secondary Traumatic Stress: Building Resilience for Professionals
You can read more information on their workshop and register by clicking on the following link:

Linda is the President of NASW (MN), my former Thesis Advisor, and mentor who has referred to DIRT GROUP as “cutting edge”. Cynthia is one of my Clinical Supervisors, mentor, and is the Director of the MITH Program for the State of Minnesota (Minnesota Intensive Treatment Homes).

WELCOME to the new DIRT GROUP USA Blog!!!


DIRT GROUP is an experiential social skills training group for at-risk youth based in the context of a gardening/farming project. DIRT GROUP successfully influences social skill development in at-risk youth (Turck, 2012).

  • DIRT GROUP produces TANGIBLE RESULTS in the form of fruits and vegetables as well as increased social competencies.
  • DIRT GROUP fosters and promotes problem solving skills which PREPARE PARTICIPANTS FOR LIFE.
  • DIRT GROUP provides opportunities for participants to experience PRIDE and OWNERSHIP in their achievements individually and collectively.
  • DIRT GROUP creates a BIG RIPPLE EFFECT through participation and contributions in participant’s communities.
  • DIRT GROUP provides a safe, cohesive environment for participants to “fit in” and experience SOCIAL INCLUSION.
  • DIRT GROUP increases mindfulness and opportunities to develop emotional self-regulation.

DIRT GROUP was created by Kenny Turck, MSW, LGSW who was the 2010 NASW (MN) Social Justice Award Recipient and is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Co-Owner of Crow River Family Services, LLC (CRFS), a mental health agency based in Litchfield, Minnesota. Kenny earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota and his Master’s Degree in Social Work from St. Cloud State University where he is a member of the MSW program’s Community Advisory Board. He is a professional speaker and trainer and has been speaking on suicide awareness and prevention since 1984. Kenny has been working in the Children’s Mental Health/Human Services field for 30 years and is a highly sought after mental health practitioner providing both outpatient and community-based mental health services to individuals, couples, and families. Kenny is a regular presenter at both the Minnesota Social Services Association (MSSA) and the Minnesota Children’s Mental Health Association (MACMH) State Conferences and has delivered keynotes at the Central Minnesota School Counselor’s State Conference and the Minnesota Corrections Association State Conference.

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