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HO HO HO ! ! ! !


Just picked up boughs for wreath making with DIRT GROUP participants!  We will be providing experiential group skills training for targeted skill areas of following instructions,  cooperation, doing good quality work, . on task, completing tasks, perseverance, listening to others, displaying appropriate control, demonstrating appreciation, accepting ‘no’ for an answer, dealing with frustration, interrupting appropriately, etc! WITH TANGIBLE RESULTS! ! !

GARLIC & 10 inches of SNOW in Minnesota! ! !

Garlic planted…mulched with straw… and covered with a 10 inch blanket (of SNOW!!!) for the winter!!! Planning ahead, being patient, perseverance, being hopeful, believing in something we can’t see yet, and looking forward to harvesting next July!!! (2015) YEAH!!! DILIGENT EFFORT PRODUCE TANGIBLE RESULTS! ! ! ( and will be used in our chicken sausages next summer as well as saving for seed for 2016!!! What a ripple effect!!




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from the Purple Potato Pirates!!!

Today at group I asked my guys to give me some quotes about their recent trip to TANGLETOWN FARM & the HARVEST BANQUET CELEBRATION…this is what they said:

  • “Tangletown was pretty awesome!” (age 14)
  • “it was fun watching the piglets run around in a group!” (age 14)
  • “pumpkin pie was good! I didn’t know I liked it so much!” (age 7)
  • “a lot of hard work went into the Harvest Banquet Celebration and it was TOTALLY worth it!!!” (age 13)
  • “we are thankful for the turkey donations!”
  • “Thank you to Zion Lutheran Church for hosting us for the banquet!” (age 13)
  • “Thank you Tangletown Farm, Earthrise Farm, Farmer Abel, Crow River Family Services, Ron and Barb Andresen, the Turck family farm, St. Cloud State University MSW interns, Devin, “the Chicken Man”.
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