What’s working for you?

There are a multitude of people asking for guidance and insight to manage the ever-increasing stressors the world has been experiencing in recent years. At the same time there are traditionally marginalized people who have been trying to help dominant culture understand these experiences for literally centuries. Working with complex trauma for nearly 35 years, it can be mystifying how off much of the “advice” can be but also revealing how much people want to be helpful and encouraging. The typical suggestions, although well-intended, are often more focused on managing the symptoms of the stress but not actually understanding how to identify and address the actual cause of the stress. What’s been working for you?

What’s working for you?

In an upcoming webcast (Zoom), we will explore some of Daniel Siegel’s books, (Mindsight and the Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology) and how he explains engaging in activities of neuroplasticity increase synaptic connections, synaptic strength, and increases the myelination of ventral branch of the Vagus Nerve and the resulting implications relevant to developing this “nervous system strength” (my verbiage) as well as its relevance in trauma-responsive & restorative practice.

Next we will explore the conceptual frameworks of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal theory and how Siegel and Porges’ work is integrated in the DIRT GROUP Paradigm. We will then explore recent studies on how the power of nature-based experiences/engagement impacts our neurophysiology including exploring further how these frameworks are integrated in the DIRT GROUP Paradigm. And finally, we will explore and discuss the other theoretical frameworks integrated within the DIRT GROUP Paradigm and discuss how elements of the DIRT GROUP Paradigm potentiate or go beyond these theoretical frameworks and outline implications for future research on the DIRT GROUP Paradigm.


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