Tomato Love

Preparing to process the first of this year’s tomatoes and I already have requests for “that Damn Good Soup”, Pizza Sauce, and Stewed Tomatoes, Chili, Purée, and Spaghetti Sauce (I don’t make salsa because so many people already make great salsa!

Finishing my coffee, then processing the first of this years tomaters. Today I’ll be freezing what I process to save on lids and, use my available freezer space so as to increase its efficiency (environment, less electricity), and for use/canning later.

I will be posting links to instructional videos as the season progresses! Stay tuned and learn about how DIRT GROUP is still being implemented virtually in a meaningful way which appears to have prompted more specific efforts between group sessions of individually focused and documented efforts (creativity through photography, writing, discussing collective experiences throughout the season, etc.)


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