Why we can’t hear each other

Why we can’t hear each other…

In 2004, Dr David Walsh did a study that determined kids ages 8-18 in the United States were consuming 40 hours of screen time per week. In 2010, the Kaiser Family Foundation did a follow up to Walsh’s study and that number had risen to 55 hours/week. Today that number is suspected to be over 60 hours per week. We learn empathy through the autonomic nervous system’s cranial nerves #5,7,9, 10, & 11—these nerves innervate the skin and facial muscles responsible for non-verbal communication as well as voice prosody (tone, intensity, speed of speech). I love my screen time but the math is pretty simple. 60 hours of screen time per week simply limits our ability to understand each other and what other people experience—to put ourselves “in someone else’s shoes”. As screen time has increased over the years so has emotional and behavioral dysregulation, suicide, and polarization of more us versus them thinking and behavior.


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