Growing to Learn…Learning to Grow





Sweet Majoram, Blue Sage, German Chamomile, Greek Oregano, & Cilantro planted today (18 of each)


Soothing the Autonomic Nervous System

The DIRT GROUP Paradigm manifesting today at our metro site. Lavender & Mint Herb Sachets and Soaps – Cranial Nerve #1


Growing to Learn, Learning to Grow and the

Polyvagal Theory

Cranial Nerves 5,7,9,10,11 Soothing the autonomic nervous system & promoting social engagement. #dirtgroupusa #mentalhealth #socialwork #social-engagement

#neuroception #naswmn social and emotional learning

intentionally focused, redundant, experiential, visceral, novel, meaningful/purposful, aerobic, and consistent group skills training #dirtgroupthemarinade #dirtgroupparadigm #iaswg

C O O K I E S !!!!

4BubbasFoods’ What the Cluck Food Truck…waaah!!???

Kids making gourmet cookies and learning math, science, writing, marketing, economics, design, entrepreneurship, agriculture, connection, inclusion, a paycheck, & more.

DIRT GROUP Global: Growing to Learn, Learning to Grow

The Prairie Soil Youth Cooperative is coming…

Social & Emotional Learning

The DIRT GROUP Paradigm

The DIRT GROUP Paradigm

Litchfield/Hutchinson DIRT GROUP’s made Lavender soap from the lavender we grew together…intentionally focused, redundant, novel, experiential, visceral, aerobic, sense of purpose/meaningful, consistency…social & emotional learning requires lived experiences

Grounded & informed in applied theory in practice: experiential learning, social learning, strength-based, symbolic interactionism, & ecological systems theories; DIRT GROUP is a resiliency informed, children’s mental health application based in social and emotional learning in the context of a group experiential gardening, farming, foods, & creative arts project. DIRT GROUP is in Hutchinson, Litchfield, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, & Willmar. What the Cluck Food Truck, 4BubbasFoods, Hooganaga Family Farms. Tangible outcomes, skills which prepare participants for life, pride & ownership, the “BIG ripple effect”

(opportunities to participate and make a difference in community), social context/social inclusion. Human development. Community Development. Economic development, rooted in social justice.


Prairie Soil Youth Cooperative

#socialworkwithgroups #iaswg #executivefunction