Some Definitions:

Social and Emotional Intelligence: How we recognize, understand, and manage ourselves/our emotions and navigate social contexts successfully.

Experiential Learning: Learning by doing, “hands on learning”.

Social Learning: learning by observing others, “monkey see, monkey do”.

Symbolic Interactionism: assigning meaning and symbolism to poignant, salient events, people, places, things, experiences in our lives which then defines our worldview or personal perspectives.

Strength-Based: acknowledging/recognizing an individual or group’s skills and talents and building on them and channeling them in productive ways.

Ecological Systems: How organisms (in this case people) interact with and within systems, lived experience.

Neuroplasticity: The brain physically changes based on the intentional focus we engage in learning to create and strengthen neural pathways through redundant, novel/visceral, experiential, consistent, aerobic/action oriented, meaningful activities/exercises. As Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb’s remarked, “neurons that fire together wire together.” Action or movement is required for neurons to fire. When we intentionally focus the above ingredients–we create new neural pathways and strengthen synaptic connectivity in our brains through neuroplasticity.



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