Social & Emotional Learning-the Power of Our Lived Experiences.

Emotional Dysregulation. Intentionally and redundantly focused on “easy, fast, fun–now” (Walsh, D. 2004)–severely limits opportunities to experience discomfort, disappointment, frustration, failure, rejection, problem solving, etc.

How do we learn to bounce back in life without having intentionally focused, redundant opportunities to live/learn, practice, and master these skills if we never have to face these challenges throughout our formative years.

In an upcoming webcast, Kenny will explore the implications for child/youth/human development and mental health in this era of immediate gratification/emotional dysregulation and how our obsession with convenience and ever increasing ease has impacted everyday, common opportunities for social and emotional learning.

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One thought on “Social & Emotional Learning-the Power of Our Lived Experiences.”

  1. Thanks for this post Kenny. I don’t think people even think about the negative affects immediate gratification has on our young people.


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