wpid-dirt_cornucopia_2015_final.jpgDIRT GROUP is…

  • A children’s mental health application
  • A resiliency-informed practice 
  • Focused on social and emotional learning
  • Grounded and informed by 5 major theories
  • Based in the context of a gardening/farming/food project
  • Participant outcomes include:
    • tangible results (fruits/vegetables, increased social competencies)
    • preparation for life
    • pride & ownership
    • the opportunity to make a difference/make contributions to their communities
    • social inclusion
      (Turck, 2011)

Implications for practice include:

  • early childhood education
  • alternative educational/special educational programs
  • residential treatment centers
  • chemical health treatment centers
  • alternative sentencing programs
  • juvenile and adult corrections
  • community-based programs
  • mainstream educational settings
  • more

for more information visit the following link: www.dirtgrouptv.com

or contact Crow River Family Services, LLC at (320) 774-3355 or at info@crowriverfamilyservices.com



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