Here we go! DIRT GROUP IS COMING ! ! !

I’m hearing a lot of excitement in young people’s voices as the weather continues to hold and reach into the 70+ degrees (Fahrenheit) in this part of Minnesota. I just returned a few days ago from Earthrise Farm with my good, good friends Kay and Annette Fernholz (the sisters’ squared!) and was SO IMPRESSED with how everything is growing so well! I hope to do a short video to encompass the original planting dates March 7, 8, 9 and return trips since as the greenhouse comes alive!
2015-04-11 15.05.56IMG_15832015-04-11 15.06.44

DIRT GROUP participants did a group skills training day at Earthrise in early March and planted things for their garden starts and i then returned for two days to plant the rest of the greenhouse nearly full to capacity! The pictures are amazing but here is a link to a short video I took and posted in the greenhouse this past weekend.
The extra sound is from the exhaust fans!

Here are some pics from the planting through this past weekend:

4BubbasFoods has garlic growing, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, and more going in…DIRT GROUP Participants will be receiving items from 4BubbasFoods Cold Crop Collection to begin their planting as well ! ! !

And on Sunday April 26th, Kenny will have the distinct pleasure and honor to present a MHED Talk on DIRT GROUP at the “The largest children’s mental health conference in the nation” Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health State Conference (MACMH). Here is a description from MACMH’s website:

“MHED Talks is a presentation series in the spirit of TED Talks. Using stories – both personal and experiences from the field – speakers will be given 18 minutes to share their expertise on new concepts, programs, treatment models, research and healthcare trends.”
DIRT GROUP is coming…