DIRT GROUP. . .is coming . . .



Doing good quality work…

IMG_0985What is the purpose of group skills training? “To learn, practice, and master–then transfer skills we are learning to places in our everyday life” (DIRT GROUP participant).

This past weekend and today my co-workers and I instructed, discussed, and reviewed DIRT GROUP participant’s target skill areas. These included: Doing good quality work, staying on task, completing tasks, cooperating with others, participating in activities, dealing with frustration, displaying appropriate control, resisting peer pressure, hygiene, using an appropriate voice tone, choosing appropriate words to say, accepting “no” for an answer, following instructions (the first time asked), listening to other with “eyes and ears”, starting conversations/talking with others, delaying gratification, among others.

DIRT GROUP is an experiential (hands on) social skills training group which positively influences social skills development in at-risk youth. DIRT GROUP practitioners instruct and review target skill areas with participants and create a “marinade” or a “therapeutic milieu” which fosters success in DIRT GROUP participants ability to learn, practice, and master skills they are lacking which help to return them to a normal developmental trajectory. IMG_0991

This past weekend DIRT GROUP experiential exercises included making chicken fajitas (chicken, peppers, and red, yellow, orange, green peppers, garlic, and even some sausage! The many ingredients helped youth understand that just like there are many ingredients for successful social skill development the same is true for making great fajitas!