from the Purple Potato Pirates!!!

Today at group I asked my guys to give me some quotes about their recent trip to TANGLETOWN FARM & the HARVEST BANQUET CELEBRATION…this is what they said:

  • “Tangletown was pretty awesome!” (age 14)
  • “it was fun watching the piglets run around in a group!” (age 14)
  • “pumpkin pie was good! I didn’t know I liked it so much!” (age 7)
  • “a lot of hard work went into the Harvest Banquet Celebration and it was TOTALLY worth it!!!” (age 13)
  • “we are thankful for the turkey donations!”
  • “Thank you to Zion Lutheran Church for hosting us for the banquet!” (age 13)
  • “Thank you Tangletown Farm, Earthrise Farm, Farmer Abel, Crow River Family Services, Ron and Barb Andresen, the Turck family farm, St. Cloud State University MSW interns, Devin, “the Chicken Man”.
  • IMG_20141017_214149
  • 20140930_110908 20140930_124950 20141017_105932
  • 20140930_124904




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