6 kinds of GARLIC planted Monday right before a slow off and on 2 day rain!!! Next comes the straw on top for over winter…Perseverance, Patience,  Resilience!!!


from the Purple Potato Pirates!!!

Today at group I asked my guys to give me some quotes about their recent trip to TANGLETOWN FARM & the HARVEST BANQUET CELEBRATION…this is what they said:

  • “Tangletown was pretty awesome!” (age 14)
  • “it was fun watching the piglets run around in a group!” (age 14)
  • “pumpkin pie was good! I didn’t know I liked it so much!” (age 7)
  • “a lot of hard work went into the Harvest Banquet Celebration and it was TOTALLY worth it!!!” (age 13)
  • “we are thankful for the turkey donations!”
  • “Thank you to Zion Lutheran Church for hosting us for the banquet!” (age 13)
  • “Thank you Tangletown Farm, Earthrise Farm, Farmer Abel, Crow River Family Services, Ron and Barb Andresen, the Turck family farm, St. Cloud State University MSW interns, Devin, “the Chicken Man”.
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  • 20140930_124904



Tangletown Farm!

WOW!!! Last Friday we were fortunate to be able to conduct part of our group skills training session at Tangletown Farm near Plato, Minnesota! (Wise Acre Eatery, Tangletown Nursery, Tangletown Gardens) Dean Englemann and Justin provided a most amazing educational experience for all of us and we have much food for thought (pun intended) heading into mid-autumn (garlic planting season) and on into winter. The reports from DIRT GROUP participants and practitioners alike had nothing but GREAT things to say about this part of our group skills training session. From learning about growing soil, to learning about growing Scottish Highland Beef the learning environment was rich and I look forward to future collaborative efforts with these fine folks!

Here are a few images for now, but I have many blog ideas and information to share but these will have to wait as my week is moving at warp speed!

20141017_101822 20141017_102141 20141017_102314 20141017_102320 20141017_102327 20141017_102338

DIRT GROUP presentations in November and December!

I will be presenting on DIRT GROUP/inclusion on Saturday November 15th at a “Super Saturday” training for the Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children (MnAEYC) and the Minnesota School-Age Care Alliance (MnSACA) in Golden Valley, Minnesota ( ), and delivering the keynote at the Central Minnesota School Counselors winter Conference (as well as a break-out session) at St. Cloud Technical College on December 12th

( ) . Thank you, Kenny!!



DIRT GROUP is an experiential social skills training group based in the context of a gardening / farming project for at-risk youth but the implications for practice in early childhood, special education,  and mainstream education, as well as mental health are profound.

DIRT GROUP participants gain tangible results through increased social competencies which prepare them for life, increase achievements, and thereby their self-esteem. Through their participation DIRT GROUP members experience pride, ownership,  and social inclusion and have the opportunity to participate in, and contribute to their communities producing a “big ripple effect ”
Watch this blog for more information.  Kenny has two upcoming presentations on DIRT GROUP on November 15th in the Twin Cities metro area and December 12th. Watch this blog for more info.
Next: How DIRT GROUP is grounded in and informed by four major theories from the fields of Sociology, Social Work, Education,  and Psychology.
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